About Us

About Us

Owning a dog is one of the most wonderful, rewarding things you can do in life. Dogs are basically big fluffy balls of love. They’re creatures of pure emotion, and the ways they can enrich our own emotional health are countless.

It sounds a little corny, but it’s true! Dogs have emotions, and they can read ours. And the main emotion they have towards us humans, is love. Owning a dog is fun, and owning a dog enriches our lives.

At the same time, though, dogs are animals. They have animal instincts, and they need our guidance to survive in the big bad modern world. Owning a dog isn’t as simple as just tossing down some food every once in awhile.

3.9 million dogs enter the shelter system every year, in large part because their humans couldn’t or wouldn’t take good enough care of them. 1.2 million of them don’t make it out alive, every year.

A little education goes a long way, and Pet Dog, Write Blog! was founded to help provide that education. Our goal is to make responsible dog ownership easy and fun. It’s a serious topic that deserves to be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few fluffy little furballs along the way!

Pet Dog, Write Blog! is full of great tips and advice on dog ownership, as well as reviews of all the treats, food, toys, and training aids you’ll need to keep your pup safe, happy and healthy. We’ve got news and stories about dogs, and overall, it’s just a great place to hang out and learn about your best friend. Everything we post is thoroughly researched and carefully crafted to be readable and enjoyable.

Check us out and help us make the world a better place for happy souls, whether they walk on two legs or four!