The 10 Best Dogs for Security

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Domestic dogs can easily serve as exceptional guard dogs. Even though all canines tend to be naturally alert to their surroundings, guardian training will teach a pet dog exactly how to convey critical information regarding their surroundings to the owner, the actual “pack leader” of the household.

With good training, an appropriate guard dog is going to warn the family members if a complete stranger is outside the house, an unwelcome animal is nearby or a strange vehicle is in the driveway.

Guard dog education entails repeated exercises, plenty of positive reinforcement and firm pack leadership, and nevertheless the hard work will certainly gain worthwhile guard dog behaviors.

Guard dogs are friendly to people, as long as his or her owner isn’t being actively endangered. Guard dogs need to be taught to wait for the owner’s direction and guidance, and should respond to orders to stay down. A canine which attacks every single thing and is functioning on fear is certainly not a good guard dog.

Dogs are often protective and will fight to protect their territory and loved ones, based on the Complete Guide to Responsible Dog Ownership. The laws are a great deal harsher for expertly trained guard dogs as opposed to companion canines, although it differs from state-to-state.

Professionally trained guard dogs are actually deemed a weapon in most states.

Some dog breeds are recognized for their particular trainability, attentive temperaments and loyalty. Recommended guard dog breeds include:

Great Dane

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This Incredibly massive, protective and well-known breed is ideal as a household guard dog.

Great Danes are generally impressive, beautiful dogs that are really smart, friendly and great with kids.

Nonetheless, these “gentle giants” could become huge troublemakers when not trained properly.

Using patience, persistence and a positive attitude, it is often simple and enjoyable to train your Great Dane puppy.

Great Danes do poorly when left all alone for very long. When left alone too long they may become psychologically unstable and aggressive, therefore they will need to be near people. They are social canines who need to have a whole lot of love and attention.


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Extremely faithful and loyal when it comes to family, this dog possesses all of the capabilities to be a part of this list.

Selflessly committed to his family members and distrustful of complete strangers, most Komondors will never be entirely comfortable with any type of outsider.

In fact, the majority of Komondors have to be very carefully introduced to visitors, and then supervised as long as the visitor is present in the home.

Even with his large and heavy coat, the Komondor is extremely agile and can react very quickly. Initial and continuous socialization will be crucial if his territorial intuitions are to remain controlled.


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This breed will be friendly when it comes to their owners, and yet could be a nightmare for an intruder or stranger.

Many households get a Rottweiler having the idea that the dog will “protect the house” and family members.

This is actually true as this breed displays a natural territorial and pack protection instinct, but without having some common-sense education and sensible expectations, ownership of this breed can quickly become a liability, both emotionally and financially.


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Mastiffs are actually the biggest dog breed in the world. Based on Mastiff Web, the standard completely grown Mastiff weighs in between 180 and 220 pounds, with one of the biggest examples weighing-in at a whopping 350 pounds.

A mastiff pup is going to grow up to be a very big, strong dog, and therefore teaching it that biting is unacceptable behavior is crucial.

The breed is well known for yielding quiet, family-oriented, nonaggressive guard dogs. Self-confident and attentive to their surroundings, mastiffs tend to be patient, smart, calm and gentle animals which need firm, consistent, gentle training.

Chow Chow

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Protective of owner and dangerous for strangers, this very aggressive breed needs consistent family attention.

With a head adorned by a lion like ruff and carried proudly, a distinct blue tongue and an all-around teddy-bear like appearance, the chow chow definitely is blessed with a stunning appearance.

You may think of the chow chow as aloof or even threatening, yet the truth is that they are great pets. They usually will become quite dedicated to one certain family member.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Dog

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Also called the pit bull and incorrectly considered one of the most dangerous breeds in the world, the American Staffordshire Terrier does make one of the best guard dogs.

Their protecting capabilities, good stamina and power makes them a natural at guarding their families.

The general look and maligned reputation of an American Pit Bull Terrier is a positive aspect to the success of any guard dog.

There is some debate as to whether or not Staffordshire Terriers make good guard dogs.

With respect to Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, these dogs adore humans and therefore will address strangers as friends rather than as a threat.

However, Dog Breed Info Center says that Staffies make excellent guard dogs and have been effective at protecting their owners’ property.

German Shepherd

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Originating in Germany with several attributes such as loyalty, train-ability, alertness and cautiousness, this dog breed offers every single quality that matches an ideal Guard dog.

Utilized as K-9 units by law enforcement, this courageous breed is excellent for family security.

German Shepherds will make fantastic guard dogs simply because of their loyalty, intelligence, strength and protective intuition.

A German Shepherd will be delighted having the task of guarding you and your family as personal body guard.

Akita Wolf

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Akitas were primarily bred in order to hunt bear, and so they have a tendency toward expressing their prey drive.

An Akita wolf is an Akita dog bred with a wolf. This dog is known as a wolf-dog or hybrid, and are illegal in some states. Precautions need to be taken if you choose to own one for the first time.

The Akita wolf is a natural born security guard. The Akita wolf is a big breed where males weigh in between 85 and 130 pounds and females weigh in between 65 and 110 pounds.

They are powerful and loyal. Many people believe the Akita wolves are excellent companions and offer an educational example of wolf hybrids to the public, however some others feel that Akita wolves are dangerous and unpredictable.

Belgian Malinois

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The Belgian Malinois gets its name from the Belgian city Malines, in which inhabitants are called Malinois,

This breed happens to be very smart and fiercely loyal. They are frequently seen doing work as law enforcement, security or search and rescue dogs, although they can also flourish as household pets.

The Belgian Malinois is just one of four Belgian shepherd breeds originated in 1885 when a sheepherder bred two short-haired canines for sheep herding.

Belgian police trained Belgian Malinois to be the first canines used in their force.

Doberman Pinscher

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The Doberman Pinscher is a very smart breed that can easily sense Danger and think quickly to make the decision to defend the owner and property.

This canine is vigilant and self-confident, yet has an aggressive behavior; nevertheless this dog possesses all the characteristics of an ideal guard dog.

These canines are adaptable and highly trainable for the use as companions or guards.

They are intelligent, loyal, full of energy, loving and obedient, however they also are assertive and that tends to make them overly protective.


Although trained dogs have been used by police, military, and private property owners for hundreds of years or more, a dog’s real place is as a member of the family.

These breeds are more protective than most, and can be a wonderful addition to a household that needs a little more peace of mind.

Be sure to train your dog well, no matter their breed, and whether or not you plan to put them to work guarding your home.

Owning a dog is a responsibility as well as a pleasure, and it’s up to you to make them safe and loving members of modern society.

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