Quick & Dirty Dog Training Tips: COME!

Dog Come Command

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There are a lot of commands you can teach your dog, and all of them have some sort of value to them. Even if it just increases in the bond between you and your dog, it’s still worthwhile.

One command, the “come” command, will prove itself to be one of the most useful commands you may ever teach your dog. This isn’t saying that no other command is as useful as the “come” command, because many of the other commands such as sit, stay, and down are very valuable, but the “come” command could potentially save your beloved pet’s life.

Let’s be honest, dogs like to roam, especially pups. They are care free, fun loving, and love to explore. Although these traits are something to be admired, they can often be dangerous to our pets. The come command not only is important because it can keep you from having to chase down, or find a wandering pet, but you can use come to keep your pet out of busy roads and other places where your pet should not go.

All commands take a lot of practice and patience to get your pet to perform them correctly, and the come command may prove itself even more difficult than some as for it to be performed correctly requires your pet to obey you over distance. If you take the time, however, and practice the command with your pet as you should, it will pay huge dividends latter for you and your dog.

Here is a list of steps that can help you in training your dog come:

  1. As with every command, always begin practice in a quiet spot indoors, or a fenced in back yard. If you find yourself having trouble building any distance between you and your pet, ask a friend or family member to hold the dog while you move far enough to use the command.
  2. Step back a few feet and squat down, or kneel down on the ground, and hold a treat out in your hands while calling the dog by its name and saying come. Your tone should not be stern, but should be happy and playful in order to encourage your dog to come.
  3. As your dog moves towards you continue to call to them and praise them. If they stop moving towards you stop praising them, but don’t be critical and harsh either as this can cause more damage than good. Patiently wait for your dog to begin coming towards you again and as soon as they do you may start back to praising them.
  4. When your dog reaches you give them the treat and continue to praise them as this positive experience will promote good behavior and obedience. You can continue to play with them or let them roam around a few minutes before then repeating the exercise.

Training your dog may sound easy, but it is not a simple task.

It will take time and practice for your pet to fully grasp the command. Dogs are amazing animals, and deserve your respect.

You should never hit or be negative when training your dog, as this will only harm the bond between you and your pet. Training your pet is not only helpful, but should be fun for the both of you, and increase the bond between you both.

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