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10 Dog Breeds Who Are Probably Smarter Than You

Is your dog smarter than you are? You might be surprised! Most people think that the human race is by far smarter than any other race, but would you believe that there are some dog breeds that are probably smarter than you are?

There are many dog breeds that are highly intelligent, and able to learn as much if not more than humans. The ten smart dogs in our list all have two qualities: the aptitude to swiftly learn new commands and the compliance to execute them 95% or better of the time. These dogs are the brightest by way of working aptitude and compliance.

Most canines will start to display an understanding of modest commands in as little as five attempts and will recall new routines without much requirement for repetition. These dogs will comply with the first command given by their trainer about 95% or better of the time. Moreover, they react to directions within seconds of them being given, even if the handler is at a distance.

So which dog breeds are the smartest? Without delay let’s introduce the brains of the canine world, and see if your dog is one of the 10 smartest dog breeds.

10 – Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

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The Australian Cattle Dog is a striking canine that is a unique mixture of the intuitive Australian dingo and the blue merle shepherds from England. This breed possesses extraordinary drive, and they are tough workers. This breed when mature will be approximately thirty to fifty pounds. Australian Cattle Dogs are well-known for their intellect, particularly when it comes to learning to herd cattle. This breed of dog is taught to “bite” or nip at cattle in order to keep the herd moving. Cattlemen have been using these dogs to herd cattle as far back as the nineteenth century, and are still used for herding today. Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely energetic and enjoy having a job to do. The Cattle Dog can succeed in an active environment performing demanding activities such as herding trials, rally obedience, agility and fly ball.

9 – Rottweiler

Rottweiler Dog

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Nicknamed the “Rottie,” the Rottweiler breed was utilized by Ancient Romans as guardians, cattle herders, and cart pullers. The Rottweiler is famous for his tenderness toward his family and friends, and bravery, strength and protective nature in guarding them. Although this breed has a quiet disposition, socialization and comprehensive training is a must for these pups to develop into solid, well-behaved canine citizens. Rottweilers are on occasion utilized as police canines due to their strong teeth and jaw and trainability. If you are seeking a gentle yet protective dog, the Rottie is certainly a great choice.

8 – Papillon

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The Papillion is perhaps one of the smartest and most adorable dogs around. Papillions show that you can have intellect and beauty at the same time. Weighing between three to eleven pounds this breed is one small package full of brains. This breed is extremely charismatic and has continuously remained a representation of class. In the Renaissance era, this breed was cherished by the aristocrats and royalty of that time. They are excellent watch dogs due to their strong sense of hearing. At the smallest sound the Papillion’s ears will perk up quicker than you can call his name. They are sociable, energetic, and extremely trainable.

7 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Dog

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The Labrador retriever is very intelligent and has been ranked the most popular breed in the world. The Labrador retriever was given its name after the icy waters of New Foundland where this breed originated. The short dense virtually waterproof coat, a heavy tail and webbed feet, gave this dog an advantage when swimming long distance in icy waters to do their job of hunting waterfowl. Additionally Labradors are popular choices for canine therapy work, water rescue, and assistance dogs. The Labrador retriever is a devoted, patient, and obedient dog that can be taught to do just about anything.

6 – Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog Dog

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The Shetland Sheepdog may not be one of the most popular breeds, but it is still a very intelligent breed. This breed has been said by owners to be as smart as a human. The Shetland sheepdog has been used to; you guessed it, herd sheep. This breed can be either small or large in size. The smaller sizes are often used to keep small animals and pests out of fields and gardens. The Shetland sheepdog is normally very hyperactive; however they have very sensitive hearing and will alert you to any noise about the house. This dog can be just as content in the suburbs as he is on a farm working.

5 – Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Dog

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The Doberman Pinscher is a German breed that was taught to be guard dogs, watch dogs, and police dogs. If you want a dog that is loyal and affectionate along with fierce and strong then this is the breed for you. Although this breed can be taught to be aggressive, most of them are extremely quiet and gentle. Several have even been utilized as therapy dogs in hospitals to assist patients. Somewhat protective by nature, this breed will undoubtedly protect you and your family.

4 – Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog

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The Golden Retriever, frequently mixed up with the Labrador Retriever, is an extremely popular dog for families. This breed originated in Scotland, where it was used for hunting waterfowl. Even today this breed is a great companion to man, especially hunters. The Golden retriever is easily trained to retrieve and return game and waterfowl shot by the handler without damage due to its soft mouth. Golden Retrievers can also be trained to be excellent guide dogs, rescue dogs, and drug sniffing dogs. This breed is easily trained due to being extremely patient.

3 – German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog

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The German Shepherd is a fierce and tough looking dog however looks can be deceiving. This breed is possibly one of the most loving breeds you will find. Not only is this breed one of the most lovable, it can be trained to do many things that humans cannot do. German Shepherds are typically trained to be rescue dogs, police dogs, and several even work as soldiers in our military. This breed is so intelligent military has used them in overseas missions. These dogs are extremely obedient and protective.

2 – Poodle

Poodle Dog

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Originally from Germany Poodles were used for bird and waterfowl hunting and retrieving. This breed has a colorful history that includes multiple uses, from herding sheep to the performing arts to even delivering supplies to the wounded on battlefields. This breed comes in all colors and sizes, nonetheless even the smallest of the breed, the Toy Poodle can be an excellent bird hunter. The poodle is extraordinary for its amorous nature, sense of humor and trainability.

1 – Border Collie

Border Collie Dog

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And last but certainly not least the Border Collie is the smartest of all dog breeds in this writer’s opinion. Originally from the highland border of England and Scotland this breed was bred to be intelligent. This dog can function at long distances from its owner and think independently to implement problem solving and a strong working determination to keep control of the flock it has been put in charge of. This breed lives to work, as this dog requires something to do in order to be happy. The Border Collie possesses speed, agility and obedience and is happiest working as a herding dog or sporting dog.


These breeds and many more are very smart animals and can be very trainable with patience and persistence. Although these dogs are the ten of the smartest they do still require teaching, so with that said if you think your dog is not the brightest dog, maybe you should re-evaluate your teaching strategy.

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