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A Valentine to My Dogs

One of our contributors from overseas sent this sweet essay about his four dogs Max, Lucy, Brownie, and Rocket.

The world has become a difficult place to live in.  People just don’t seem to connect the way they used to. They don’t seem to take the same joy in life. They don’t love each other as wholly and absolutely.

Though you can guess where all this is leading to, I’ll pretend you don’t.

The underlying fact beyond all the above three scenarios is absence of faithfulness or loyalty.  Wait, don’t stop reading, this is not another article on “Seven virtues to live by”.  This is more about Max, Lucy, Molly, Brownie and Rocket – the beautiful creatures who have devoted their entire life in being loyal and faithful, if not to themselves, at least to mankind.

All good things come at an expense. This is probably the reason why many pet lovers claim that possessing a beauty of this stature is not only expensive but also requires a lot of care, attention and effort.

Let us look forward to the reasons why having a dog is in no way a lesser achievement than winning a prized gift.  What is it that drives people into adopting an extra family member?

Not many among us are lucky enough to be surrounded by families and friends. There are people who are lonely, so lonely that they can’t even spare a laugh throughout the day. A Siberian husky or a Poodle can give them that extra charm in their life. The unusual stunts of having two legs in the air, or stretching and yawning awkwardly, will definitely tickle you to laughter. They are so funny, they are so silly, yet they are so lovely.  Hence, undoubtedly, happiness is one of the basic reasons behind having a dog by your side.

Well, then you might be someone like me, not much interested in doing physical exercises on a regular basis. Nahhh – who has time for these petty things in life? Trust me, we should be the first in the line to adopt a Rocket. Once you have got yourself one, those lame excuse won’t be good enough anymore. There will be motivation and if it’s not there, your Rocket will be. If it’s time for him to take a walk, you better take him. If you hide yourself behind the cupboard, he will still find you out. The intense look or the expectant face, he will throw at you will just be enough to give you a break from lying on your bed and watching television.

Mental exercise is of utmost requirement too in order to lead a healthy life (as I have heard). Your dog will give you enough of that too and prepare to get challenged by him on a daily basis. How? Well, put in front of him your favorite pair of Nike shoes and your torn pair of sports shoe. He will treat both of them with equal respect when it comes to chewing. It is you who have to convince them about the subtle differences and thus improve their fashion thoughts.

“Live life to the fullest” or “Make your present perfect” – how many times have we come across these beautiful posts on social networking? Yet, is it that easy a thing to do? Your lovely dog will do so and you can only admire him. You might give yourself a try to do the same. Dogs do live enjoying their present moment and they do it so elegantly that you can’t help yourself falling in love with them, time and again. However, don’t misjudge this by thinking that dogs don’t respect feelings or they don’t have strong memories. They might beat us on these things as well, but they know how to move on.  Thus they will always help you in getting out of your stressful times.

They are the most loyal beings that God has created. A dog will understand and feel for you more than probably you will do for yourselves. You can trust them blindly, share with them your thoughts without the fear of getting back-bitten. Dogs can empathize you really well. That is the reason why in your hardest of times, you will find a soft head nudging you, forcing to take him on your lap, trying to cheer you up.

However, to conclude, in order to get the ultimate list of benefits, you need to go ahead and buy a Rocket for yourself.

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