10 Most Unbelievably Unique Looking Dog Breeds

10 Most Unbelievably Unique Looking Dog Breeds

There are a multitude of different and unique dog breeds around the world.

In fact, there are over 350 according to the FCI!

They range from tiny to large, ordinary to exotic, and common to odd. Do you prefer a cute cuddly dog or a large funny looking dog?

Are you looking for a unique looking dog with some uncommon and unusually interesting physical features?

There are many breeds that might be just what you are looking for.

Whether it is the nappy haired Puli, the shaggy Komondor, or the hairless Chinese Crested, I am sure you will find one that suits you and your lifestyle.

Let’s explore the wild and weird side of the dog world with this entertaining photo gallery of the 10 most unusual looking dog breeds.

These dogs may have an unusual appearance but all of these dogs would make a wonderful pet for any man, woman or child.

They have unique appearances and personalities, and can also be a great conversation starter! Although these dogs are unusual looking all of them are still cute, lovable and loyal companions.

There are many other varieties of unusual breeds; however these ten are my favorites for most unusual appearance. Which ones are your favorites?

10 – Peruvian Inca Orchid

Photo credit: trainingdogs101.com

Photo credit: trainingdogs101.com

Although these animals are named after flower, they are 100% dog.

In numerous ways, they are much like the Xolos, an ancient hairless breed. These dogs were worshiped by the Incas.

Peruvian folklore states that hugging these animals can aid with medical problems, predominantly stomach problems.

These dogs make great pets, however they are headstrong and require proper training from a birth.

They also require frequent baths and lotion to avoid sunburn, dry skin and acne, and do poorly in warm climates.

9 – Azawakh

Photo credit: dogzonenyc.com

Photo credit: dogzonenyc.com

The Azawakh is a sighthound dog breed from Africa.

This breed is much like the greyhound, except greyhounds do not have such cunningly curly tails.

This dog can charm everyone nearby with their elegant neck, adorably floppy ears, and doe-like appearance?

The Azawakh has a slim build and almond eyes.

It walks with a distinctly feline style and can be found in an assortment of colors such as blue fawn, red, grizzle, and, a rare blue and black.

8 – Xoloitzcuintli

Photo credit: trainingdogs101.com

Photo credit: trainingdogs101.com

The Xoloitzcuintli has a name odder than its appearance.

This canine is also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog.

These dogs have a lengthy and unique history in Mexico and were considered sacred by the Aztecs, who believed the dogs guided the spirit of their owners to the underworld.

This dog stands out not only due to the fact that it is hairless, but also for its bat-like ears, long neck, sleek body, and almond eyes.

7 – Affenpinscher

Photo credit: affenpinscherdiaries.wordpress.com

Photo credit: affenpinscherdiaries.wordpress.com

Coming from Germany, the Affenpinscher was bred to hunt rats.

This sweet little pooch has earned the nickname “Monkey Dog” for its primate like personality and appearance.

The terrier type body is covered with a shaggy coat and accented with an unusual squashed in face for a rather unique look.

Strangely the coat is denser and shaggier around the shoulders and chest than it is on the hind quarters, producing a look that is similar to that of a mane.

6 – Puli

Photo credit: yourpurebredpuppy.com

Photo credit: yourpurebredpuppy.com

Also called the Hungarian Cattle Dog, the Puli is well-known for its snug Jamaican style locks, which make it resemble a household mop more than a dog.

The long corded coat prevents shedding and keeps the dog dry with an almost water-resistant coat much like a raincoat.

The Puli’s cords grow naturally, however owners will still need to actively groom the dog, keeping the dreadlocks neat, clean, and thin.

The dreadlocks can grow long enough to meet the ground or they can be cut and kept short.

These canines are very energetic and require a great deal of exercise and attention.

5 – Bedlington Terrier

Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.com

Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.com

Is that a sheep or a dog?

The Bedlington Terrier comes from Bedlington, England where it was named after a small mining town where it was initially bred to hunt vermin in the mines.

The Bedlington Terrier has one of the most unusual coats around, complete with a distinctive top knot on top of its head.

The breed is recognized by its pale, curly wool coat similar to that of a sheep.

The dog’s fascinating coat is alleged to make him a perfect pet for allergy-prone owners.

This unusual dog is more agile than it may appear, and has been customarily used for fights, racing, and hunting. Its elegant physique aids in endurance and speed.

4 – Bergamasco Shepherd

Photo credit: homesalive.ca

Photo credit: homesalive.ca

Wow! This one needs a hair cut!

The Bergamasco Shepherd looks very unusual with its thick matted coat; however this breed is not born with this coat.

A Bergamasco puppy is born with smooth short hair, that later grows into the long and knotted dreadlocks you see.

Although it may look funny and quite a bit messy, the coarse hair is protection, camouflage, and insulation for this canine.

Important concerns while he does his work guarding and herding and cattle and sheep in the Italian Alps!

3 – Komondor

Photo credit: looptt.com

Photo credit: looptt.com

At over thirty inches tall, the Hungarian Komondor is one big dog.

What really makes this goofy pooch larger than life is his coat at over ten and a half inches long; the Komondor has the thickest coat in the canine world.

Wow! Now that is one shaggy dog!

One of Hungary’s national treasures, the Komondor is legendary for its long, white corded coat.

Can you see how this dog acquired its nickname of ‘mop dog’?

2 – Bull Terrier

Photo credit: petguide.com

Photo credit: petguide.com

The Bull Terrier with his egg-shaped head and distinctive triangle-shaped eyes makes for a very strange looking animal although kind of cute in its own unique way.

This breed is identified as the ‘gladiator of the canine race’. If you are a hockey fan you may recognize this breed as Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry’s dearly loved companion, “Blue”.

Cherry’s Bull Terrier frequently appeared on Hockey Night in Canada, and was viewed as an extension of her owner’s overly eccentric personality and lifestyle.

Of course, to us Americans, the breed ambassador for Bull Terriers is Bullseye, the Target dog!

1 – Chinese Crested

Photo credit: trainingdogs101.com

Photo credit: trainingdogs101.com

The poor Chinese Crested dogs have a bad reputation for their appearance.

Personally, I think these dogs are so ugly they’re cute.

Chinese Cresteds without hair are called Hairless, but some actually do have fur on the tops of their heads and on their paws.

This variety of Cresteds are called Powder Puffs, and have an especially unique look.

Both varieties may be born to the same litter.

It’s worth noting that Chinese Cresteds aren’t even from China. The breed has its roots in Africa, although has since been transplanted to Mexico and, yes, China.


If you are looking for an unusual looking canine I hope that you have seen one that you like.

However, before choosing your new pet be sure to research the breed of your choice and learn as much about it as you can.

Each breed has not only different appearances, but also differing personalities and care requirements.

Be sure you are choosing the right dog for your lifestyle rather than just on looks alone.

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