Quick & Dirty Dog Training Tips: Look at Me!

When training your dog there are many different commands that you can choose to teach them. You can pick and choose which tricks to train them, or to train your dog all of them. These variety of tricks

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Quick & Dirty Dog Training Tips: SHAKE!

When training your dog there are many different “tricks” you can train your dog to. These tricks vary in usefulness, while some of these tricks can save you and your dog trouble such as sit and come,

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Biggest Dog Breeds

10 Biggest Dog Breeds

Massive is definitely impressive and there are some people who like to go big, that favor proudly owning a larger dog rather than a smaller one. Humans have been fascinated by massive-size dogs for thousands

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Dog Leave It Command

Quick & Dirty Dog Training Tips: LEAVE IT!

Photo source: mypetchicken.com Having a dog may often feel like being a parent. There are many similarities from the pride you feel in your pet to the caring concern you have for them.​One major

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The 10 Best Dogs for Security

Domestic dogs can easily serve as exceptional guard dogs. Even though all canines tend to be naturally alert to their surroundings, guardian training will teach a pet dog exactly how to convey critical

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Dog Come Command

Quick & Dirty Dog Training Tips: COME!

There are a lot of commands you can teach your dog, and all of them have some sort of value to them. Even if it just increases in the bond between you and your dog, it’s still worthwhile. One command,

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Labrador Retriever Hunting Dog

10 Most Popular Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting Dogs and humans have an extensive history together. Truthfully, some of the initial domesticated dog breeds were probably reared to aid humans in hunting and bagging wild animals for food. To this

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Quick & Dirty Dog Training Tips: DOWN!

  When training your dog, “down” is a very useful command that can come in handy. One point that is important for you to understand is what you are training with the down command. Firstly, down,

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7 Heroic Dog Stories That Will Inspire Your Soul

Pretty much everyone who has had a good experience with a dog would agree that we're important to them. The human-canine bond is well-documented, and it's not uncommon to see a dog just gazing

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Smart Dog

10 Dog Breeds Who Are Probably Smarter Than You

Is your dog smarter than you are? You might be surprised! Most people think that the human race is by far smarter than any other race, but would you believe that there are some dog breeds that are probably

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